The next-generation of virtualized CSP networks needs the next-generation of Analytics and Service Assurance

The emergence of Virtualization, Automation and Big Data represents a generational opportunity to rethink your analytics and assurance. Service providers are now acting as their own systems integrator, and must engineer systems that make real-time decisions from an (over-) abundance of edge telemetry.

"My part of the ship isn’t sinking"

Traditional service assurance relies heavily upon isolated telemetry stovepipes.  Stovepipes often provide conflicting information, and a lack of a system view leads to sub-optimization. Differing ‘versions of the truth’ lead to finger-pointing, long outages and persistent blind spots.

To cope, CSPs have evolved a multitude of dashboards, rigidly strung together based upon static network service paths. Only a select few network wizards understand how to interpret and respond to problems.  Does this sound familiar?  Does this scale for the future?

The days of manageable black magic are over

SDN drives a step-function increase of network dynamics and spontaneity.  With convergence of network and IT, CSPs can no longer rely upon rigid silos. New services are delivered across a ‘layer cake’ of infrastructure; each layer having its own failure and degradation behavior.

The primary business goals of SDN and NFV are to improve service agility while reducing costs, all while delighting your customers. At this pace and scale, CSPs cannot bet the business on practices of the past.

The Edge Cloud – the hyper-local ace in your sleeve

As CSPs compete with hyper-scale OTT entrants, the network edge has emerged as a key advantage. The massive-bandwidth, ultra-low latency services of the future rely upon network and compute resources in close proximity to customers.

This speed of light challenge represents a tremendous advantage to telcos and MSOs, who uniquely possess hyper-local proximity to customers. 

SONAR4:  Closed-Loop Edge Cloud Analytics

Edge cloud services have unique analytics and assurance requirements. 5G, AR/VR, and autonomous vehicles, to name but a few, require sub-millisecond responsiveness.

SONAR4 provides massively scalable, closed-loop, ultra-low latency analytics for local edge NFV orchestrators and SDN controllers, while providing highly correlated feedback to centralized MANO functions.