Virtualization of Wireless infrastructure has perhaps the strongest global momentum today.  While partly due to strong economics, this trend mostly reflects 5G’s need for a programmable network.

Disaggregation and virtualization of the Radio Access Network (RAN) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC) are well underway. Self-Organizing Networks (SON) will provide a new level of coordination and self-healing.  Network Slicing will enable a whole new class of innovative wireless offerings.

This flexibility comes at a cost:  an enormous set of disparate telemetry across the Wireless Data and Control planes that must be instantaneously analyzed and actioned in a closed-loop fashion.

SONAR4 future-proofs today’s 4G Wireless Services, and readies you for the step-function in capabilities that 5G demands.


The promise of the 5G ‘Tactile Internet’ depends upon a high-density programmable RAN. 

Virtual EPC & Diameter

The Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and related Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSC) composite applications are ripe for disaggregation. 

Network Slicing

Virtualization of the EPC and RAN allows a finer degree of control and programmability than ever before possible.