We help Communication Service Providers fast-track their next-generation networks.

We fast-track next-gen networks, bridging SDN and NFV with seamless end-to-end service.

As next-generation services become increasingly virtualized, SONAR4 enables low-latency, closed-loop automation at the network edge,
in concert with orchestration platforms. Our team and robust solutions help CSPs to de-risk product and service rollouts in areas such as
5G Wireless, Business Services and Residential Services.

About SONAR4

SONAR4, powered by Mariner, is an end-to-end assurance analytics solution for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) pursuing the economics and agility of next-generation Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies. Enabling the transformation to cloud network operator, SONAR4 benefits the entire service lifecycle by mitigating the risk associated with new product and service rollouts, certifying activations, monetizing services sooner, as well as the optimization and automation of daily operations.

About Mariner

A leading service assurance solution provider for the communications industry since 2003, the company’s multi-award-winning software helps service providers centrally manage the complexity required to deliver a seamless end-to-end service experience. Mariner’s broad range of solutions rapidly isolate network, content, or service problems to ensure a cost-effective and superior service offering across traditional, hybrid and next-generation telecommunication networks.

Mariner is known for building technology companies with themes of big data applications, software innovation, commitment to customer success and international growth markets. We serve global customers ranging from the world’s largest TV and broadband Internet companies, to leading financial and real estate firms and governments with complex IT requirements.

Our assurance analytics bridge SDN & NFV with seamless end-to-end service.

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