Programmable observability and closed-loop control for various analytics timescales

All levels of network management, control and data forwarding can optimize performance with the help of analytics.  However, not all require the same degree of real-time responsiveness and granularity.

For instance, mobile network SDN Controllers require frequency selection and OpenFlow forwarding adjustments to be executed within milliseconds of discovering an anomaly.  On the other hand, QoS, load control and resource allocations can often rely upon analytics with several minutes’ precision.   Trend or predictive analytics can be executed at hourly or even daily intervals.

SONAR4’s architecture follows a simple principle of “best tool for the job” in order to meet the varied requirements within Network control and operations ecosystem.


SONAR4 Ultrasonic Analytics are optimized for instantaneous decision-making.  These capabilities can even be embedded within VNF/PNF’s to achieve the lowest possible latencies.  SONAR4 Ultrasonic offers right-sized storage options with local-execution algorithms.

SONAR4 Sonic Analytics address the near real-time needs of SDN Controllers and Orchestrators. Expanding upon the Ultrasonic algorithm set, SONAR4 Sonic supports multi-source event processing and larger storage needed for near-real time pattern analysis and policy adjustments.

SONAR4 Infrasonic Analytics address the Big Data needs within SDN ecosystems.  SONAR4 Infrasonic expands upon the Sonic features by enabling exploratory analytics as well as predictive pattern analysis algorithms.

SONAR4 interoperates through a rich set of well-defined northbound and southbound APIs.