The CSP market landscape in 5 or 10 years will look very different than today.  Those Service Providers who navigate the transition to connected devices will take a much larger piece of telecommunications services than those who are IoT laggards.

Fundamentally, the IoT market will be about connectivity and analytics. While CSPs have some inherent connectivity advantages over newcomers, they do not have an exclusive grasp on the future.

The most successful Service Providers can use SONAR4 to merge world-class IoT connectivity with high value-added business analytics for Enterprise and Consumer segments.

Enterprise IoT

Asset tracking, industrial sensors, digital signage, drones, robotics, HVAC automation…all examples of new IOT-related revenue opportunities.

IoT Security

Recent news events have shown that seemingly harmless IoT devices can be co-opted to participate in massive DDOS attacks.

Vehicular IoT

The notion of driverless cars and wireless vehicular communication has captured imaginations.