Moving from framework to foundation, deliver on ONAP’s potential.

Assurance analytics gives CSPs the confidence to deploy next-gen services on ONAP.

ONAP supplies an extensible framework for orchestrating next-generation offerings. But ONAP alone is not a solution.

Through integrated end-to-end assurance, Service Providers can reliably launch innovative services while providing outstanding quality of experience.


Data Collection, Analytics and Events centrally consolidates telemetry. SONAR4 scales your capability out to the network edge:

  • Semi-autonomous edge for localized issues

  • Ultra low-latency responsiveness

  • Massive reduction in telemetry backhaul

VES and DMaaP

VNF Event Stream and Data Movement as a Platform represent the basic ‘plumbing’ within ONAP. SONAR4 pre-processes edge telemetry to reduce workload:

  • Improved scalability and reduced workload.
    Filtered northbound alarms are VES-formatted.


Drools-based root-cause analysis module works in conjunction with DCAE, Holmes provides basic alarm correlation for managed resources within A&AI, augmented by SONAR4.

  • Pre-handling of edge use cases, allowing HOLMES to perform higher-level correlation

  • Include non-ONAP data in decisions


ONAP’s Threshold Crossing Analysis supports simple configuration of alarm rules. SONAR4 augments TCA by enabling:

  • Complex multi-step decision pipelines.

  • Aggregated and transformed telemetry involved in analysis.


ONAP’s Policy module is a Drools-based mechanism to trigger closed-loop actions. SONAR4 helps

Policy through:

  • Actionable alerts using AI and correlation algorithms.

  • Highlights root cause.


Active and Available Inventory provides key topology and state information for ONAP. SONAR4 leverages A&AI to deliver a step-function increase in inventory granularity:

  • Full-stack correlation beyond VNFs and VMs.

  • Enrich telemetry with non-ONAP topology markers.

Accelerate your forward progress on ONAP through carrier-grade assurance analytics.

  • On-Demand Enterprise Services

  • 4G/5G Wireless

  • Residential Broadband & Video

  • Internet of Things