Service assurance applications for ONAP Architecture

ONAP Architecture Solutions

Hardening the ONAP framework isn’t easy – assurance analytics pave the way.

ONAP supplies an extensible framework for orchestrating next-generation offerings. But ONAP alone is not a solution. Through integrated end-to-end assurance, Service Providers can reliably launch innovative services while providing outstanding QoE.


Data Collection, Analytics and Events centrally consolidates telemetry. SONAR4 scales your capability out to the network edge:

  • Semi-autonomous edge for localized issues
  • Ultra low-latency responsiveness
  • Massive reduction in telemetry backhaul

VES and DMaaP

VNF Event Stream and Data Movement as a Platform represent the basic ‘plumbing’ within ONAP. SONAR4 pre-processes edge telemetry to reduce workload:

  • Improved scalability and reduced workload.
  • Filtered northbound alarms are VES-formatted.


Drools-based root-cause analysis module works in conjunction with DCAE, Holmes provides basic alarm correlation for managed resources within A&AI. SONAR4 dramatically augments this capability by:

  • Pre-handling most edge use cases, allowing HOLMES to perform higher level correlation.
  • SONAR4 can include non-ONAP data in decisions
  • Correlation not limited to network connectivity.


ONAP’s Threshold Crossing Analysis supports simple configuration of alarm rules. SONAR4 augments TCA by enabling:

  • Complex multi-step decision pipelines.
  • Aggregated and transformed telemetry involved in analysis.


ONAP’s policy module is a Drools-based mechanism to trigger closed-loop actions. SONAR4 helps Policy through:

  • Actionable alerts using AI and correlation algorithms.
  • Highlights root cause.



Active and Available Inventory provides key topology and state information for ONAP. SONAR4 leverages A&AI to deliver a step-function increase in inventory granularity:

  • Full-stack correlation beyond VNFs and VMs.
  • Enrich telemetry with non-ONAP topology marker.

Accelerate your forward progress on ONAP through carrier-grade assurance analytics.


On-Demand Enterprise Services


4G/5G Wireless


Residential Broadband & Video


Internet of Things

Conquering ONAP:
Before delivering network services on demand, we need to address and assure the realities of today’s framework.

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