Residential high-speed broadband connectivity has supported modern services like Pay TV and VoIP.  But the high-ARPU bundle is under siege by OTT Video and telephony competitors.

CSPs are adapting by turning the tables on the cloud players. Specifically, the movement from hardware-centric services to software-based ones is in full motion.  By virtualizing the STB, home gateway, OLT and CDN elements, CSPs are steering a new, agile course.

These newly-virtualized functions are being moved from the customer premises to the Cloud Edge located at the Central Office.  While the CO datacenter will be have some centralized orchestration, most of the real-time decisions must be made locally.

SONAR4 gives broadband network operators the local analytics feedback loop required by distributed MANO components, while also providing aggregated telemetry analytics for centralized orchestration.

vCDN and nPVR

For CSPs, the transition to Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) is well underway.

STB Evolution

Price-sensitive consumers won’t pay a premium price for a stale service.

vOLT and vRG

The FTTH access network is also being disaggregated at the Optical Line Terminal (OLT).