Today’s Residential Services are very different from just a few years ago.  Triple-play and quad-play bundles abound.  Significant investments have been made in FTTH and Deep Fiber HFC access networks, supporting gigabit speeds (and beyond).

While Pay-TV has become a centerpiece of the bundle, legacy CPE represents its Achilles’ Heel.  STBs and Gateways/Modems are very costly, and become rapidly obsolete in today’s speed of innovation.

Mass-scale, high-ARPU services like Pay TV are feeling the OTT pinch.  The tide is no longer rising.  As OTT video services like Netflix and Hulu begin carrying live content, CSPs must adapt.

But by virtualizing the STB, Gateway, OLT/ONT and CDN functions, CSPs are striking back.  Superior Quality of Experience (QoE) depends upon real-time awareness only provided by Edge Cloud analytics.