Residential Services are increasingly virtualized. Are you confident in your new service experience?

Residential Services Assurance Applications

Competition is driving investment in virtualization and a seamless QoE.

Residential high speed broadband connectivity has enabled Pay TV and VoIP, but the high-ARPU bundle is under siege by OTT Video and telephony competitors. Investments in FTTH and Deep Fiber HFC access networks are generating gigabit speeds. Virtualizing the STB, Gateway, OLT/ONT and CDN functions is needed to replace legacy customer premise equipment. This level of virtualization demands real-time awareness provided by edge cloud analytics..

Assurance for virtualized Residential Services that guarantees superior QoE.

Functional Modules

Software-based offerings are becoming the new norm.

The movement from hardware-centric services to software-based ones is in full motion.  By virtualizing the STB, home gateway, OLT and CDN elements, CSPs are actively modernizing their Residential Service business.

The customer premise is moving to Cloud Edge.

Newly virtualized functions are being moved from the customer premises to the Cloud Edge located at the Central Office (CO). The CO datacenter will have some centralized orchestration, but real-time decisions must be made locally.


vCDN and nPVR

For CSPs, the transition to Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) is well underway.

What was once a rigid hierarchical service topology has been federated into highly distributed Content Delivery Network (CDN) caches.

This CDN network has been disaggregated, virtualized and further distributed into the edge cloud.  The PVR function is also moving from local (STB) storage to the cloud.   Using a variety of heuristics, high demand video content is stored at the network edge.

These cloud functions quickly become highly dynamic ‘black boxes’, amplifying operational blind spots.  SONAR4 edge analytics shines sunlight on these dark corners of the modern service path.

STB Evolution

Price-sensitive consumers won’t pay a premium price for a stale service.

Costly (and rapidly obsolete) STBs are being replaced in favor of much cheaper alternatives.

These technologies leverage consumer-scale economics and innovation curves.  Unfortunately, they also present new attack surfaces for hackers.

SONAR4 real-time analytics enables significantly better consumer QoE Assurance while also protecting CSP network security.


“Broadband network operators need the local analytics feedback loop required by distributed MANO components, while also providing aggregated telemetry analytics for centralized orchestration.”

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